Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Day 364- Nutrition Bite

Country that Eats the most Chocolate
In Switzerland, the average person consumes about 19 pounds of chocolate each year. This calculates to approximately 138 million pounds of chocolate consumed in Switzerland annually. Chocolate is consumed mainly in the form of candy, but is also used to make beverages, to flavor recipes, and to glaze sweets and bakery products. Chocolate is a popular food around the world. In fact, each year approximately 600,000 tons of cocoa beans--an important ingredient in chocolate--are consumed worldwide.
~Scholastic Book of World Records

Sugar Preacher's Experience
Lately, I have been craving sugar and chocolate. I guess my 365-days is coming to an end. I will try to modify and eat sweets once a week. I'm really excited to buy some Swiss chocolate.

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