Monday, March 16, 2009

Day 350- Nutrition Bite

The Latino population loves candy, but they like it hot! hot! hot! The traditional American impression of hot candy is a strong cinnamon flavor. When considering Mexican candy, think more Jalapeno pepper hot. You may see lollipops covered in chili or flaming, hot spicy cheetos. Yes, the children love the unusual flavors and seem to desire candy in flavors which offer more than one taste experience, such as mango and chili-flavored lollipops. Tamarind, a seedpod fruit grown in Asia, is a highly valued and desired flavor. Candy containing this fruit is a hot selling item. Even the gummy candies can be chili coated. Hum! That sounds interesting! See article for more details

Sugar Preacher's Experience

Lately, I have noticed the Hispanic population bring chili candy to class. A few years ago, I tried the tamarind candy, and all I can say is "Wow"! I am not sure why the chili flavored lollipops are considered candy. I guess it is the bitter/sweet flavor. Well, you are in for a treat if you decide to try Mexican candy!

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