Monday, March 9, 2009

Day 343- Nutrition Bite

Easy Way to Boost Fiber Intake
Leave the sugar cereal on the shelve. Whole grain cereals and bran flakes are usually jam-packed with fiber—about 5 grams in one ¾ cup serving! Fiber One cereal by General Mills is a great choice, packing 14 grams of fiber in each serving! If you’re having a hard time swallowing these healthier varieties, try adding a little sweetness with fresh fruit, vanilla soy milk, a touch of honey, or a sugar-free sweetener. Insufficient fiber intake can increase your risk for many health problems, including constipation, high cholesterol, weight gain, irritable bowel syndrome, and even cancer of the colon.

Sugar Preacher's Experience
Several acquaintances suffer with irritated bowel syndrome, and I never thought to ask them about fiber in their diet. Fiber is crucial for regularity. I created the wed shed diet for my sister. She noticed a difference with  the addition of fiber in her diet. You'll will be more regular with an increase in fiber.

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