Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Day 338- Nutrition Bite

Brain Trivia
Our brain weighs three pounds and is the seat of our intelligences. The brain controls our behavior and movement, houses our memory, and helps us interpret information provided by our fives senses. The brain comprises 2% or our total body weight and uses 30% of our calories. Our brain needs glucose (sugar) to survive, but fast-acting, inferior, processed carbs and sweets can harm the brain, not help it.

~Connie Bennett from the "Sugar Shock"

Sugar Preacher's Experience
When I eat complex carbs, I am more alert with more energy. My teacher friend taught some children who didn't eat sugar. They refused sweets when she brought cookies and candies to class. My friend mentioned that these children were the sharpest in the class. Sharpen your saw by feeding the brain healthy sugars!!

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Val said...

Amen sister!
I ate pizza and being the health conscious eater that I am, think twice before eating inferior foods (including processed carbs and sugars). Tonight I ate pizza from a popular pizza chain. It was feeling good to my hungry body at first, but then I recongized by taking an "feeling-inventory" that my body (especially brain) was not so happy with what I ate. I quickly ate a pear to counteract the feeling.