Thursday, February 26, 2009

Day 332- Nutrition Bite

The most common foods with added caffeine are soft drinks, and the FDA limited the amount to 48 mg per eight ounces. In 1997, Red Bull imported from Austria hit the U.S. with every 8oz of sweetened fortified water containing 80 mg of caffeine. The FDA didn't challenge Red Bull, says caffeine expert Rolland Griffiths of the John Hopkins School of Medicine. "And that started the aggressive marketing of caffeine-containing food products. Caffeine has also been added to candy bars, hot cereal, chewing gum, jelly beans, mints, beer, and more.
~ Nutrition Action Healthletter, March 2008

Sugar Preacher's Experience
Caffeine gives me a headache. The additive is a drug with adverse side effects. If you want a new addiction, drink or eat caffeine-containing products.

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