Saturday, February 21, 2009

Day 327- Nutrition Bite

Heinz Ketchup built its empire on the status of "pure food". As Heinz competitors observed, the way only way to take benzoate out of tomato ketchup was by creating concoctions "overdosed with sugar and vinegar". The new formula for Heinz ketchup contained twice the amount of sugar and vinegar as before and also more salt. The probenzoate lobbyist insisted benzoate was needed for the tomato ketchup to become thicker, sweeter and more cloying. The exponential rise in sugar consumption has to due with overconsumption of foods and addition of sugars and preservatives.

Sugar Preacher's Experience
I have been reading this book about how we are being swindled with processed foods. It is very interesting to read about how food lobbyists influence products on the market. I thought it was also interesting how the historical grocers mixed sand with sugar and sold this to the consumers. I'm glad the FDA wouldn't allow this today.

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