Thursday, February 19, 2009

Day 325- Nutrition Bite

Survival foods in the Desert
Many poisonous plants live in the desert, and parts of an edible plant can be poisonous. You must make sure the plant is edible or you are better to go hungry. Here are a few edible plants:
1- The beans of the mesquite tree are edible. The bean pods can be cooked and eaten like green beans when they are first forming and soft. After they have dried, they can be ground and cooked like pinto beans. The bark of this tree is dark and rough. The leaves are tiny. This tree has thorns.
2- Desert hackberry is a water indicator plant and has small edible berries. Leaves are small, heart-shaped and off center (one lobe larger than the other) with three main veins.
3- The jojoba has edible nuts which should not be consumed in large quantities. The jojoba is a shrubby plant with dry appearing, grey-green leaves which grow straight up and down rather than flat to the sun.
4- All cactus fruits are edible, though some are not tasty. Most of these fruits have small, almost invisible spines. The fruit should be peeled or burned to get rid of these spines.

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