Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Day 318- Nutrition Bites

Thwart the Sweet Tooth Part A
1-Cut back on sweets gradually because cold turkey can increase your desire even more. Try cutting out one or two each day.
2-Stay active; such walking, exercising to a video, or taking a spin on the bike when your sweet tooth strikes. By the time you finish, the craving is usually gone and you burned some calories instead.
3-Load up on water by drinking a big glass of water when a craving hits, or have a cup of fruit-flavored herbal tea. That's usually all it takes to make it pass.

Sugar Preacher's Experience
My sister and I ate lunch at a cafeteria in the Huntsman hospital. She was craving a cookie which was on display at the checkout stand. I think it is interesting that junk foods is always conveniently placed as you checkout. My sister inquired whether I was tempted by the cookies. Honestly, I had no desire to eat one of those cookies. The 365-day detox has taught me that you can train and curb your appetites. The thwarting of a sweet tooth can happen quicker than you imagined.

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