Friday, February 6, 2009

Day 313- Nutrition Bite

Our food is contaminated by chemical fertilizers, pesticides, polluted ground water, additives, plastic packaging, lead cans, aluminum containers, and more. The Unites States does not regulate the use of fertilizers. This means that medical, municipal, and industrial wastes can all be spread over the ground where our crops grow and our cattle graze. The pollution causes problems for weight as wells as health. Environmental toxins can stress the liver, which make it harder to metabolize the fats. As a result, overstressed organ dumps fat and cholesterol back into the bloodstream.

-"Taste for Life", September 2008, p.37

Sugar Preacher's Experience
Toxins in the environment do effect out health. My diet is healthier than the average, and in a recent blood test the results reflected toxins from the environment. My 93 year-old friend had perfect blood. The doctor mentioned her blood was a result of her never leaving her home. The normal person is in and our of a car--not confined to a home. After the comparison of my blood test with my friends, I realized how much pollution exists in our environment and especially with the SLC inversion. The last few weeks, SLC has been among the worst in the nation for air quality.

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