Thursday, January 22, 2009

Day 297- Nutrition Bites

An explosion of chocolate studies have been conducted which are largely funded by the chocolate industry. The studies have convinced many people that chocolate, especially dark chocolate, can protect your heart. However, the evidence is limited and the natural occurring flavanols in coca powder protects blood vessels. The studies do show a reduction in blood pressure, but the studies were small and not high quality. Until better research indicates whether chocolate is a net benefit to the heart, don't believe everything you read including dark chocolate is healthy for you!
-Nutrition action, October 2008, p.12

Sugar Preacher's Experience
I've heard for years that flavanoids in dark chocolate are healthy! The article would make sense if the studies were funded by another source. Chocolate is packed with unnecessary calories and only two squares are required a day. One square is about 60 calories. Two squares of chocolate packed with minimal nutrients can be compared to a grapefruit with the same amount of calories. Make your choice a candy bar or grape fruit!!

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