Sunday, January 4, 2009

Day 279- Nutrition Bite

2008 By The Numbers

U.S. Population:
January 2008: 302,785,808
December 2008: 305,313,980

January 2008: 4.9%
November 2008: 6.7%

Inflation (Nov 2007-Nov 2008):
All items: 1.1%
Food: 6.0%
Energy: -13.3%
All items less food & energy: 2.0%

Hunger (as of Dec 2007):
Food Insecurity: 11.1% of all U.S. Households
Hunger: 4.1% of all U.S. Households
Hungry Children: 691,000
*These numbers are expected to get worse in 2008, as unemployment went up and so did food prices. The numbers here are most recently released by the USDA.

Sugar Preacher's Experience

Food prices rising along with unemployment rising is not a good combination. The two combined equal food insecurity. I need to work on my food storage and start learning to cook from it. It is always better to be over prepared than under prepared.

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