Monday, December 29, 2008

Day 273- Nutrition Bite

A study indicates sugar is linked to UK's obesity epidemic. The Medical Research Council and University of Cambridge have developed a new way of objectively measuring sugar consumption. Until now it had been very difficult to assess food intake, particularly sugar consumption, in large populations. The team has developed a new urine test which allows them to work out how much sugar large numbers of people are eating. They measure the levels of urinary sucrose and fructose (two types of sugar) in spot urine samples. Using data from hundreds of volunteers from the European Prospective Investigation of Cancer (EPIC) study, researchers have combined information from diet self-reporting with data from the urine and blood samples. They found that obese people underestimated the amount of sugar they consumed, while overestimating the amount of vitamin C they took each day. Professor Sheila Bingham, who led the study said: "The spot urine and blood tests established that obese people consume more sugar and less vitamin C than their thinner counterparts, but this did not show up when asked." See article for more details

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