Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Day 268- Nutrition Bite

A few health tips to eliminate the extra holiday pounds:

1) Make sure you eat before you go to any holiday gathering. When you are full, you are less tempted by a variety of unhealthy but yummy foods.

2) Drink some water before you go and alternate higher calorie drinks like alcoholic beverages, eggnog or hot chocolate with water while you are at the holiday party. Drinks can have a lot of hidden calories in them, so watch out.

3) Fill your plate with some “good “ foods first. Pick some raw vegetables, but go easy on the dip. Don’t forget a nice plate of salad with a low fat dressing and some fresh fruit for dessert.

4) Allow yourself the occasional small indulgence; you will be much more likely to break down and binge on all those cookies and treats.

5) Use the busy shopping season and burn some extra calories. If you are heading to the mall, park a little further away, or take your time and do a round of window shopping all through the mall before you buy.

6) Take some time to relax.. Many tend to overeat or medicate with food when stressed. Do whatever works for you to calm you down and help you de-stress besides overeating.

Above all, enjoy the holidays and remember they are not only about food, but more importantly about family spending quality time together.://">

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Enjoy the holiday!

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