Monday, December 22, 2008

Day 266- Nutrition Bite

Family Farms Pulled Us Out of the Great Depression

by Jay Greathouse

It seems to be a widely held myth that World War II was the main agent for moving the United States out of the Great Depression of the 1930s.

Cornell University Professor George F. Warren, an important adviser to Franklin D. Roosevelt on rural development policy, figured out that it is agriculture that leads countries into and out of depressions. The Roosevelt Administration is the only administration that tried to do something about supporting the family farm.

Our recovery started in 1942, the year the Steagall Amendment to the War Stabilization Act mandated farm parity, but the war got the credit. We then had ten years of economic stability until 1952 when the Steagall Amendment was allowed to expire.

In 1952 "export-oriented pricing" replaced the New Deal policy that had put farm prices in balance, or parity, with other prices. That New Deal policy worked effectively with farmer-approved "supply management" that cost far less than today's subsidies to agri-business.

Farm parity laws that created a fair price floor for all raw materials were the main agent for moving the United States out of the Great Depression of the 1930s. This support of prices allowed farmers to stay on the farm and rebuild the United States economy literally from the ground up…

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Sugar Preacher's Experience
I thought the perspective was interesting on how family farms helped the US economy. Our family garden helped reduce food expenses when I was a child. However, growing a garden was hard work. One of my chores was to weed the garden which was no fun! I would like to relive my childhood gardening experiences again. I think it builds character. I might plant a garden next summer!

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Sugar Preacher,
I remember weeding as a child in Grandma's garden and hated it. But when we grew our own garden, I enjoyed the satisfaction of the rewards of fresh produce after a bunch of back-breaking weed-pulling. I actually missed gardening last summer!