Saturday, December 13, 2008

Day 258- Nutrition Bite

Avocado is a natural source of lecithin, which is brain food. More than 80% of its caloric content is easily digested fat, primarily in the form of monosaturated oils. Avocado is rich in cooper which aids in red blood cell formation. It is used as a remedy for ulcers and also known to beautify the skin.

-Healing with Whole Food by Paul Pitchford

Sugar Preacher's Experience

Lately, I have fallen in love with avocados. I use them as a mayonnaise substitute. I also make a savory guacamole and a tasty avocado smoothie. These days, the majority of my fat calories comes from nuts and avocados. Hopefully, the over-consumption of avocado will help beautify my skin and improve my brain power!

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