Sunday, December 7, 2008

Day 252- Nutrition Bites

Relationship with Self
Let us first consider our relationship with ourselves. You must take proper care in your life to see that the little things regarding your personal life are in order. You must learn to care for your health and your mental well-being. Do you maintain proper exercise that will give you the extra energy and alertness of mind to keep your spirit strong and your attitude positive? Are you wise in your diet? Do you avoid the unnutritious snacks that might keep your stomach full but your health quite empty?

Our bodies are truly the result of what we eat and the exercise we receive. If we are not wise these little things can soon catch up with us to become major health problems that will limit our success and contribution.

To these suggestions regarding the little things that impact your physical self, add the encouragement to develop your thoughts along lofty paths.

The Effect of a Thought
Whenever you cultivate a thought,
Remember it will trace
With certain touch in pictured form
A story on your face.
Whenever you dwell upon a thought,
Remember it will roll
Into your being and become
A fiber of your soul.
Whenever you send out a thought,
Remember it will be
A force throughout the universe
For all eternity.
(Author Unknown)

-Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin from "Little Things Count"

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