Saturday, December 6, 2008

Day 251- Nutrition Bites

Our bodies are designed for an earlier era. If you had been stalking prey and then engaged in a battle to kill it, your muscles would have depleted much of their glycogen (sugar) stores. Thus, the first calories that appeared in your bloodstream would have absorbed directly into the muscles to replenish the glycogen. When you take in calories, the body looks for a place to put them. Your body must maintain blood sugar levels within certain limits. The main hormone for controlling blood sugar levels is insulin. As blood sugar rises, the body pumps out more insulin to lower the blood sugar. Insulin will cause sugar to be taken up into the muscles, first. If the muscles have no room for the sugar, then the presence of insulin causes the body to turn the sugar into fat and store this fat. The time frame for this process to happen depends on how much sugar is left after storage in the muscles and how much insulin is circulating. This varies considerably between individuals. Eat a bowl of ice cream, and you'll have new fat before you get up from the table--it's too late to work it off!

Sugar Preacher's Experience
We aren't the workhorses on the farm anymore. It is time for us to change our diet according to lifestyle needs. The adaption of a no-sugar diet is beneficial in a sedentary lifestyle unless we want to be obese. When I used to eat a lot of junk food, it went right to my gluts and thighs. However, I eat less and exercise more these days! It is starting to pay off!

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