Friday, November 7, 2008

Day 222- Nutrition Bite

Why are the French people so thin, when French cuisine is famous for its high fat foods? It's not because they drink wine; it's because they eat real food. The French don't eat a large amount of processed food or junk food. And when they do eat junk food, they consume it slowly. A study showed the French took much longer than Americans to eat a Big Mac.

- from "Ultraprevention" by Dr. Mark Hyman

Sugar Preacher's Experience
I need to slow down at meal time and savor my food. My breakfast is consumed in the car on my way to work. I spend about 10 minutes eating lunch and dinner varies. When I was in France, we spent about two hours or longer every time we dined out. We also tipped better if the waiter took longer to serve us. I wasn't accustomed to taking so long to eat and was very impatient.. I am a true American who likes it fast and quick!!

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