Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Day 220- Nutrition Bite

Chef Ann states to watch out for Kraft (KFT ), Coca Cola (KO ), and PepsiCo (PEP ) corporations. “Current food and beverage marketing practices put kids’ long-term health at risk,” the National Institute of Medicine (IOM) charged on Dec. 6. General Mills highlights its low-fat yogurts — such as 'Gogurts' — which already enjoy popularity with kids. But the IOM report concludes that plenty of new products which are high in calories, sugars, salt, and fat have been introduced and marketed to children.

Sugar Preacher's Experience

Recently my five year old nephew asked me if yogurt was bad for you. My reply to him was, "It depends on how the yogurt is prepared, the ingredients and the brand." I then asked him where he heard that yogurt was bad. He said I told him this information. I was surprised and chuckled as I didn't remember telling him that yogurt was bad. Kids have great memories and seem to remember everything. The live bacteria in yogurt aids in digestion and protects you against other harmful bacteria. After some thought, I realized after he ate five gogurts one day, I must have talked to him about this type of yogurt. Gogurts taste like preservatives and chemicals, but appeal to children because of the packaging. Choose the natural yogurts like Mountian High Yogurt or Wallaby Yogurt!


Melanie said...

Ugh! Gogurt is one of the worst deceptive foods (if you can call it food) for kids on the market. My kids are frequently offered these at their friends houses because they know that we "eat healthy" and they assume that yogurt means healthy. The fact is, one serving of Gogurt contains a massive 10 grams of sugar! Gogurt contains more sugar per ounce than a can of Coke! (Coca-Cola has 3.25 grams of sugars per ounce. Go-Gurt has 4.89 grams of sugars per ounce.)

Rather than worrying about the long list of peculiar ingredients in mainstream yogurts, including refined sugars, we opt to make our own at home. A little plain yogurt, some fruit and honey in the food processor and we have yogurt in an instant. We frequently make frozen yogurt or yogurt pops too! An easy way to get kids to eat REAL healthy yogurt, not to mention it's inexpensive in comparison!

The Sugar Preacher, M.S., M.Ed. said...
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jakob said...

Kids should play outside more often to get fresh air. Eating healthy foods will help kids become smarter. Certain kinds of foods do different things to your body.
Jakob D.(nephew to sugar preacher)

Kaden D, said...

Gogurt is bad for kids so when are you buying some good yogurt for us.

The Rambler said...

Once M started drinking milk I started giving him yogurt as well, plain of course. At over a year, he still eats plain yogurt and loves it. The only change we've made is that he's no longer eating whole yogurt now that he's older.