Thursday, October 30, 2008

Day 214- Nutrition Bite

McCain and Obama's viewpoints on food and specifically the obesity initiative are as follows:
McCain is an advocate for a combination of personal responsibility and prevention,“Parents must impart to their children a sense of personal responsibility for their health, nutrition, and exercise.” He believes that government has a role (though perhaps less so than Obama), stating “we should again teach nutrition and physical education to our children and better inform adults food content and the importance of exercise.” According to a May 15th statement, he also 'supports providing marketing tools for the fruit and vegetable industry focused on promoting healthier American diets.'

Obama will focus on prevention and “[address] differences in access to health coverage” with seemingly special focus on promoting nutrition and play within urban communities. He supports both, 'physical education in schools' and 'changing eating habits for kids'. Click on this website for further details on Obama's and McCain's opions on nutrition.

Sugar Preacher's Experience
I voted early, and I am excited to work at the polls. I think it is important to be informed about the candidates and issues. Have fun reading about Obama's and McCain's stances on food!

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