Saturday, October 25, 2008

Day 209- Nutrition Bite

Roger Bennatti is a teacher at George Stevens Academy. During his 31-year career, he introduced new teaching methods to students. One method is the legend of the 'Twinkie' which looms over all. The twinkie was still standing with a few speckles of mold until the day he retired. Bennatti experimented with the shelf life of a twinkie to see how long it would take deteriorate. He estimated the twinkie to have a 31-year-old shelf life! Twinkies are full of preservatives, oil, fat, and sugar. A twinkie consists of about 1/3 fat calories. The high amount of preservatives and stabilizers helps with the longevity of a twinkie.

Sugar Precher's Experience
I wouldn't eat a twinkie if someone paid me. The last time I had a twinkie, it was filled with ketchup. We had a neighbor who liked to play April Fool jokes. One year, he replaced the cream for ketchup and fed twinkies to the neighborhod kids. At least, I was cured from twinkie cravings!

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