Thursday, October 23, 2008

Day 207- Nutrition Bite

Is white 'Wonder Bread' really a wonder? If you want your kids to be healthy, stop feeding them Wonder Bread. The nutrients in white bread are minimal. Also, to increase the shelf life of white bread, Wonder Bread uses a bleaching process. During this process most of the vitamin E antioxidant is lost as well as the essential wheat germ and bran leaving only poor quality proteins and fattening starch. In addition, the flour is stripped of nutrients including 50% of all calcium, 70% of phosphorus, 80% iron, 98% magnesium, 75% manganese, and 50% potassium.
Wheat germ and bran are known to:
Lower cholesterol
Combat colon cancer
Prevent constipation
Help stop strokes
Protect against heart disease
Improve digestion

Start feeding yourself and your kids whole wheat bread, and you will see what wonder is all about!!! See article for more details

Sugar Preacher's Experience

I remember as a child begging my mom for Wonder Bread. She would rarely buy sugar cereal, and we were lucky to get a slice of white bread. Luckily, she taught us healthy eating principles. At the time I felt cheated from eating the good food, but now I know better. She was making sure we had a fiber-enriched diet! High five to Mom!!!

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