Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Day 205- Nutrition Bite

Foods such as pasta, bread, potatoes and rice rapidly convert into sugar. Even when people think they're being conscientious, they could be taking in high amounts of cell-aging sugar. Dr. Perriocone, author of "The Wrinkle Cure and The Perriocon Prescrition" mentions quite often a patient will come into his office proud that a great lunch was a baked potato with no toppings. What they don't realize is the plain potato converts into large amounts of sugar — as much as a couple of candy bars. Also you can prevent wrinkles by laying off on the sugar!!

Sugar Preacher's Experience

My skin is in farily good condition for my age. I'm not sure if it is the reduction of sugar or genetics. Nevertheless, prevention of wrinkles and aging is another good reason to reduce your sugar intake.

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