Saturday, October 18, 2008

Day 202- Nutrition Bite

According to Gary Null, who holds a Ph.D. in Human Nutrition and Public Health science, eating animal products amid a starving people in the world is not just thoughtless, but it is also selfish... Our gluttonous demand for meat has prompted us to waste 170 million tons of a grain a year. We could eat the grain directly instead of pumping it into our livestock. If we ate more grains, we would alleviate the present caloric deficiency of he world four times over. Instead of donating to world hunger organizations, try eliminating beef from your diet. It is the most effective and concrete thing you can do to help end human suffering and starvation.

-The Vegetarian Handbook by Gary Null

Sugar Preacher's Experience
It sounds like a good plan to eat less meat to assist in feeding the starving and malnourished. I am not a pure vegetarian or vegan but believe in eating meat sparingly. The re-allocation of food resources by eating less meat seems to be more economical and a healthier solution for the global food crisis.

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