Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Day 199- Nutrition Bite

Legumes (beans) are a great carbohydrate and protein source which helps reduce cancers, promote regularity, control weight, and regulate blood sugar. Then, why don't people eat more beans? People seem to shy away from beans because of the gaseous odor, when in reality it is not the beans. Al Hermit from the associated press wrote the 'Skinny on Beans': gas is actually caused by “a family of sugars called oligosaccharides” found in beans and other foods with similar reputations. These complex sugars pass unmolested through the small intestine and enter the large intestine still bearing valuable nutrients. Next, the complex sugars are attacked by bacteria which releases gas as the bacteria consumes the sugars that remained intact through the early stages of digestion. Don't blame the beans for the gas; the culprit is really bacteria in the large intestines.

Sugar Preacher's Experience

Beans are a big portion of my diet to supply me with protein. Some beans have 24 gm per 1/2 cup of protein. I am going to try cooking with adzuki beans in a few weeks. A new diet is always fun as you get to explore with new recipes and foods!

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The Rambler said...

If you eat beans weekly your body will adjust to the fiber and produce less gas. However, there are also techniques for reducing gas additionally. Some gas is produced by undigestable carbs. The longer you soak the beans helps and sometimes people start beans in a hot soak (look online for details). Key is to discard the bean water rather than using it to cook with, since that's where many of those undigestable carbohydrates that the bacteria feast on are released. For this reason canned beans (rinsed of course) also helps, although they can be high in sodium.