Saturday, October 11, 2008

Day 195- Nutrition Bite

Is milk really good for the body? According to Dr. Joel Fuhrman and Dr. Barnard, they agree that milk is not the best source of calcium. Dr. Fuhrman mentions that many green vegetables have calcium absorption rates of over 50 percent compared with 32 percent for milk. Additionally, since animal protein induces calcium excretion in the urine, the calcium retention from vegetables is higher. They further discuss the China Project results--osteoporosis tends to occur in counties where calcium intake is the highest, and most of it comes from protein-rich dairy products. Osteoporosis is practically non existent in China, yet the calcium ranges from 241 - 943 mg in China as compared to 841 - 1,435 mg in the US per day. Fuhrman and Barnard both mention all green vegetables are high in calcium. A few other food sources are beans, tofu, sesame seeds, oranges, soy milk, and other fortified juices.

-Dr. Joel Fuhrman in "Eat to Live" and Dr. Barnard in the "Food Seduction"

Sugar Preacher's Experience
Umm... I guess that milk isn't good for your body! However, I have never heard arguments about dark leafy greens being unhealthy. When something is good for the human body, debate or contrary research is non existent. Preventing osteoporosis is another good reason for me to eat 1lb of raw dark green vegetables and another 1lb of cooked vegetables per day.

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