Friday, October 10, 2008

Day 194- Nutrition Bite

What is the difference between a 'super taster' and a regular food taster? Fred Caporaso arranges tasting panels for companies and directs the Chapman University's Sensory Evaluation Laboratory in Orange, Calif. He stated a super taster has a particularly discerning palate. Super tasters have between twice and four times as many tastebuds on their tongues as the average person and are picky eaters. He further mentioned that super tasters can be a detriment because they detect little nuances in the product that the average consumer can't detect.,2933,108182,00.html

Sugar Preacher's Experience
A food taster would be a fun job! However, I would be required to taste all those unhealthy products by the big companies such as Keebler, Nabisco, and Hershey. Plus, I don't have more taste buds than the average person, and I'm definitely not a picky eater.

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