Monday, October 6, 2008

Day 190- Nutrition Bite

Healthy Halloween Tips- Give out individually packaged non-sugar treats. Here are some ideas:
sunflower seeds
pumpkin seeds
microwave popcorn
whole grain crackers

Sugar Preacher's Experience
I remember eating so much Halloween candy as a child and being sick for days. This year, I am going to hand out individually wrapped nuts, raisins, multi-grain chips, etc.. The neighbor kids might thank me in the long run..


Melanie said...

Several of my kids are sugar sensitive and have been sugar free for 4 months. I have been sugar free for 1 month. It's not easy but we have seen some dramatic improvements so it's absolutely been worth it! With Halloween coming up, I had to come up with a creative way to eliminate sugar but still let my kids trick or treat to show off their costumes and join in the fun. We are giving away little boxes of raisins, spider rings, Halloween pencils and erasers, mini notebooks, etc. For our kids, we are letting them go out and trick or treat in the neighborhood as usual and then upon arriving home, we begin our "Halloween Store". I purchase several things in advance that they all want or like, such as a CD, an action figure, coloring books, barrettes, a new pack of pencils, a journal, etc. Then I wrap them up and put price tags on them. "5 pieces", "10 pieces" etc and they purchase them with their Halloween candy. Then we donate the candy to the local fire department as they like to have candy around to hand out to visitors. This is our first year trying it and the kids are excited already. Here's hoping for a sugarless Halloween!

The Sugar Preacher, M.S., M.Ed. said...
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JD said...

I think that sounds like a great idea and fun for the kids! A few years ago, I handed out my usual small candy bars, skittles, starburst, etc. but in my candy box added a few spiders. To my suprize, the little trick-or-treaters chose the spiders first!

Melissa Searcy said...


Candy is so good.

That's what Halloween is all about.
Well not really.

The Sugar Preacher, M.S., M.Ed. said...


I guess my food lectures in Biology are not having impact. I guess that I'll just have to amp it up. I'll post pics of human inards throughout the classroom of unhealthy livers, hearts, arteries, etc....stating "these are your inards on an American diet." Maybe, the pics will have more impact than my preaching about photosynthesis and the importance of a plant based diet. Well, thanks for the comment and it is great hear from a student!