Sunday, October 5, 2008

Day 189- Nutrition Bite

"Bad economy, bad diet? Stressed workers often reach for calorie-rich foods, skip the gym after a taxing day or forego meals because of heavy workloads. As the credit and housing crises rattles Wall Street, pressures over bigger workloads, job security and shrinking nest eggs are upending diets and fueling unhealthy habits across the country."

Sugar Preacher's Experience
A bad economy doesn't mean a bad diet. Food prices are increasing and eating healthy is becoming more expensive. Fast food restaurants are still offering side salads on the $1 menu. Also, you can buy grains and beans that are nutrient dense. A box of oatmeal from Costco lasted me over 6 months with 3 servings per week. Be creative and save money by bargain shopping; i.e., case lot sales, reading store advertisements, and buying bulk foods.

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