Thursday, October 2, 2008

Day 186- Nutrition Bite

Pucker up for something sweet and healthy!! Lets satisfy our sweet tooth with fresh, natural fruits and other plant substances that supply us with carbohydrates for energy and prevent illness. Studies are continually showing evidence that fruit and vegetable consumption is associated with lower mortality from all cancers combined. Eating fruit and vegetables is vital to your health.

-Fruit and vegetable consumption and cancer mortality in Caerphilly Study by Hertog, Fehiliy, and Mesquita.

Sugar Preacher’s Experience

My diet this week has consisted of 60% fruits and vegetables, and I am surprised with my hunger satisfaction. It is amazing how easily fruits and vegetables get replaced in our diets with refined and processed foods. Last week, I was eating hamburgers, pizza, chips, etc and didn’t have room for healthy food. After a few days without veggies, I realized my diet needed a revision. I made this happen by stocking up with fruits and vegetables. For breakfast I eat a salad and a vegetable/fruit drink. If I fuel my system with fruits and veggies at breakfast, I will continue to crave fruits and veggies throughout the day.

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Jeff said...

My doctor has me on an elimination diet that has a very high percentage fruits and vegetables(to determine what I am allergic to). I've noticed the same thing -- lately I do okay on very little food -- a good breakfast, and two bowls vegetables and fruit, and then a very light dinner. Previously I was very ravenously hungry. I used to call the diet "this crazy, weird diet that I'm on". Then I realized that actually it was just a very healthy, reasonable way to live, and not "weird". It's funny how I got used to all the junk food and considered healthy eating weird and unreasonable.