Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Day 185- Nutrition Bite

"Ninety-nine percent of pastas, breads, cookies, pretzels, and other grain products are made from white flour. Sometimes a little whole wheat or caramel color is added and the product is called whole wheat to make you think it is the real thing. But it is not. Most brown bread is merely white bread with a fake tan... Food manufactures remove the most valuable part of the food and then add bleach, preservatives, salt, sugar, and food coloring to make breads, breakfast cereals and other convenience foods. Yet many Americans consider such food healthy merely because it is low in fat."

- Eat to Live by Joel Fuhrman

Sugar Preacher's Experience
I have been reading Joel Fuhrman's book and learning some valuable information. When I see brown bread in the store, I think nice tan!! I have been buying Ezekiel bread (sprouted bread) at the health food store. I even brought sprouted English muffins on my family cabin trip. They were a hit!! Ezekial bread is sprouted bread made with the following ingredients: Organic Sprouted Wheat, Organic Sprouted Barley, Organic Sprouted Millet, Malted Barley, Organic Sprouted Lentils, Organic Sprouted Soybeans, Organic Spelt, Filtered Water, Fresh Yeast, and Sea Salt.

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