Friday, September 26, 2008

Day 180- Nutrition Bite

The yoga diet shares origins with Ayureveda which is the traditional Indian system of medicine. One aspect of the yoga diet is one should NOT eat to the point of complete fullness. The stomach should be 1/4 empty after a meal. The other part of the stomach should be filled with 1/2 food and 1/4 water. The 1/4 should be kept empty for breath control or pranayama.

Sugar Preacher's Experience
Today, I participated in a yoga instructor training course and learned valuable information. I especially enjoyed learning about the yoga diet and keeping the stomach 1/4 empty!! In our society, we consume too many calories. We eat to the point of obesity, heart attack, cancer, etc... If we apply this wisdom, we would improve our health. I am going to start eating less today!

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