Thursday, September 18, 2008

Day 172- Nutrition Bite

J.J. Virgin, C.N.S, C.H.F.I, nutritionist for Dr. Phil's "Ultimate Weight Los Challenge" offers hints to combat cravings. She recommends to "keep yourself busy and occupied and do what Dr. Phil suggests--replace a bad habit with an 'incompatible one.' If you're exercising at the gym, you can't be eating a piece of cake. If you are mowing the lawn, you can't be snacking on crackers."

--from the Sugar Shock! by Connie Bennett

Sugar Preacher's Experience
I've never eaten cake at the gym, but I made my oatmeal cake again with leftover ingredients. This time, I replaced the honey for sucanant sugar (natural sugar cane). The cake was so moist and sweet that I almost ate the whole cake in one sitting. In order to avoid this, I decided to share the goodness with my neighbors. This good deed helped dissipate the craving.

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