Saturday, September 13, 2008

Day 167- Nutrition Bite

Buy fruit to replace bad sugars! Eat all the fruit you desire and your sugar cravings will be reduced. The added benefit -- fruit is good for you. Pick up a box of strawberries and inform your family that this is dessert. They might complain at first but will really enjoy the fresh strawberries and get used to the change. Say YES to fruit!! Click on link for more suggestions on how to stop eating sugar.

Sugar Preacher's Experience
Fruit is the best substitute for craving sweets. Fructose(fruit) is sweeter than sucrose. I was at a friends home today and overheard her piano student ask if she had any apples. She was rewarding him with a candy bar, but he wanted an apple. I was surprised to hear teenagers choosing fruit over candy. Kids are making healthier food selections. Wahoo!!

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