Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Day 163- Nutrition Bite

Sanchez Elementary in Texas is undergoing positive changes. Sanchez Elementary's student body is 90 percent Hispanic, and more than 90 percent of the students are eligible for free or reduced-price lunch. Principal Azucena Garcia focuses the school administration on health and fitness through weekly assemblies. She also recognizes parents who have a positive influence on student health--a group of mothers started a power-walking group and switched from eating tamales and breakfast tacos to yogurt and fruit.

Sugar Preacher's Experience

Healthy behavior change can take place in the public schools. As school lunch programs provide healthy choices, students are able to make healthier selections and learn healthy principles. If students are never exposed to healthy foods, they will never learn how to eat healthy. I'm glad that during my childhood I was exposed to healthier food choices rather than chicken wings, pizza, and french fries. I love reading about successful health programs in our public school systems!

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