Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Day 156- Nutrition Bite

Eating processed (refined) carbohydrates will trigger cravings for more carbohydrates and food in general. In some people, eating refined carbohydrates becomes a carbohydrate addiction. This can lead to binging, compulsive overeating, and if the person is stressed, emotional eating. The only way to deal with a carbohydrate addiction is to eliminate all intake of processed (refined) carbohydrate from your diet and seriously limit even 'natural' high carbohydrate foods. As you probably know, processed refined carbohydrates are such things as ice cream, cookies, bread, rolls, buns, pasta, tacos, potato chips/crisps, pizza, cakes, sweets, candy, biscuits, chocolate, cereals, store-bought cooked meats/cold cuts (they have added sugars and additives), sausages/hot dog frankfurters (they have carbohydrate fillers, additives, and sometimes sugar) all sodas, sugars, and foods containing corn syrup, etc.

Sugar Preacher's Experience
I know the list seems to allow no freedom in food choices. However, once you begin sugar shunning, you will start to explore new grains, beans, nuts, vegetables, fruits, etc.. and realize you do have freedom. I don't have a craving for refined sugar after beginning this venture 156 days ago. I was at the farmers market the other day and was going to try some healthy candy so I could blog about it. But instead, I was craving the Indian Samosa at the booth next door and bypassed the healthy candy. Sorry, I just don't care about refined sugar anymore. Try eliminating refined sugar and you will see for yourself!!!

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