Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Day 135- Nutrition Bite

An interview with Rick Hall and Sean O'Neill from the olympics in Australia.

Rick: Were Olympians encouraged/discouraged from taking vitamin supplements? How well was this controlled? Did you have a list of supplements that were/were not allowed?

Sean: Our dietitian didn't suggest I take vitamin supplements,because she felt I was getting an adequate balance in my daily diet. One of the biggest challenges for the athletes is making sure not to ingest any banned substances when we eat or drink. The list of what you can't put in your system is longer than the list of what you can put in it. At the Games, we were warned never to drink out of an open container and to keep an eye on our plates of food.

Click on link for further info http://www.masatenisi.org/english/nutrition.htm.

Sugar Preacher's Experience
I'm going to search for a olympic banned substance list and post it tomorrow. Interesting...the banned substance list is longer than the legal list. Rick also asked if olympic athletes are allowed to bring their own food while traveling. Sean said he lived off a bag of Nestle Crunches while in India. Well, athletes in Beijing might be living off sponsored foods to avoid dog meat!!

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