Friday, August 8, 2008

Day 131- Nutrition Bite

"Hawkers, open-air grills and night food stalls are banned around Olympic venues during the games. Dog meat, a popular dish, has been outlawed for the moment in Beijing.

But street food has receded to where it is impossible to destroy it – the hutongs (alleyways), side streets and markets. It's served from literal holes-in-the-wall, which stream steam and are stuffed with red-faced, sweating cooks who roll dumplings, fry various pancakes, hack up duck or pork, or dice coriander.

Beijing's street food reflects the city's status in China. As the modern-day capital of an ancient, continent-sized empire that spans several time zones and cultures, Beijing's alleyways and snack culture mirro the immeasurable diversity of this land."

-Iain Marlow

Sugar Preacher's Experience
China cuisine is definitely different than American cuisine.  I remember eating fish and rice for breakfast everyday. One day before school started, I was shopping for some sweets and only found seaweed snacks. If I lived in China, the sugar shun endeavors would be easier. I'll relive my trip to China during the next few weeks watching television. I am so excited for the Olympics!!

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Anonymous said...

I'd like to try some dog meat. Is it healthy?