Monday, August 25, 2008

Day 148- Nutrition Bite

2/3 c. evaporated milk
1 1/3 c. unsweetened strawberries or 10 oz. pkg. frozen berries
1 can (15 oz.) crushed pineapple in its own juice
2 sm. ripe bananas
Combine all ingredients in blender. Blend until smooth. Freeze in popsicle forms or paper cups with sticks or plastic spoons.

Sugar Preacher's Experience
I remember as a child eating homeade fruit popsicles. My mom would freeze apple juice in the popsicle forms or ice cube trays. BTW, Happy Birthday Mom! The above ingredients are not all natural, but I think I'll experiment with it. I'm going to try freezing some pomegranate juice into popsicles. Popsicles are the best on a hot summer day!!

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