Friday, August 22, 2008

Day 145- Nutrition Bite

Here is another olympic diet created by Syrie Wongkaew for swimmers. Syrie devised a high carbohydrate eating plan using the Australian Institute of Sports sample plan for a male swimmer. Click on the link for recipes and more diet information.

Sample meal plan includes:
  • Pre-training: Homemade Muesli Bar
  • Breakfast: 2 bowls of Banana & Cinnamon Porridge and 500ml of fresh orange juice
  • Mid-morning: Strawberry Yogurt Smoothie and two slices of Homemade Muesli Bar
  • Lunch: A Grilled Chicken Salad with several slices of Cheese & Olive Damper washed down with a Mango & Passionfruit Lassi
  • Before Training: 250 ml liquid meal supplement
  • After Training: Sports drink + two slices of Homemade Muesli Bar
  • Dinner: Large portion of Asian Chicken & Asparagus Stir-fry with several slices of Cheese & Olive Damper and a glass of fruit juice
  • Dessert: One or two ANZAC Biscuit
  • Before Bed: Strawberry Yogurt Smoothie or a small portion of Tropical Fruit with Yogurt

Sugar Preacher's Experience
I will not be experimenting with this swimmer diet. I couldn't eat that much food if I tried. I would explode!!! However, I'm really excited to start the Wed Shed Diet!!

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