Thursday, August 21, 2008

Day 144- Nutrition Bite

Additional tips from "10 tips to an Olympic Body "-- Eat frequently with a mixture of protein and carbohydrate at every meal! Eating small meals frequently increases your body's metabolism, which means you will burn more calories. Olympic athletes eat five to six meals a day which include protein. Protein will increase lean muscle mass and maintain maximum efficiency. Plan to eat smaller meals--ideally two and one-half to three hours between each meal. You don't have time to store fat when you eat small frequent meals!!

Sugar Preacher's Experience
On Monday, I decided to start the Wed Shed Diet. I am finally moving into my new place in Sugarhouse, Utah and will have time to prepare meals. I have been successful with avoiding sugar, but the past few weeks have been a challenge. Public school meal offerings sure seem to plump up the teachers, and I'm sure stress contributes to overweight teachers. Nevertheless, I was happy with a few healthy food items. When the meeting was dismissed, I waited in the food line for a healthy serving of salad. The eclairs at the dessert table were tempting. You gotta love the public school system. I start teaching on Monday! Wahoo!!

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