Thursday, August 14, 2008

Day 137- Nutrition Bite

"Beijing worked out the food safety standards by combing the most advanced standards of international food and diet organizations to meet the demands of the Olympic Games, said Tang Yunhua, spokesperson of the Beijing Municipal Office for Food Safety.

The city has set up a food safety tracking system comprising a platform and four sub-mechanisms. The tracking system uses such scientific and technical methods as GPS, GRS and the RFID digital tag to monitor the whole process of food circulation at Olympic-designated hotels, venues, the Olympic Village, food production enterprises, logistics centers, vehicles and hospitals. The tracking system operated well during the Good Luck Beijing sport events in August last year and will serve the Olympic Games directly, she told the journalists at a press conference at the Beijing Olympic Media center."

Sugar Preacher's Experience
I'm glad they have a food tracking system at the games. When I was in China, our team of teachers all became ill from the food. We were also eating from the same dishes in the center of the table. The last thing that we need are ill athletes. It seems China is kicking our hams!

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