Thursday, August 7, 2008

Day 130- Nutrition Bite

Sugar is found in almost everything we eat. Common types of sugars include: glucose(fruits & vegetables), sucrose (sugar cane, sugar beets, & honey), lactose (milk, yogurt, & other dairy products), and fructose (fruit). Of these three sugars, fructose is better for you and found mostly in fruits. And at Jamba Juice, we don't add any processed sugars or artificial sweeteners to our fruits and fruit juices.

-from the Jamba Juice website

Sugar Preacher's Experience
This week, I have become a big fan of Jamba Juice. I started with the $2.95 Orange Refresher Special and now have branched to other flavors such as the Strawberry Whirl. When I read on the Jamba Juice menu "all fruit smoothie", I was sold. The 16 oz. smoothie is a good choice if you are concerned with lower caloric intake!

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