Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Day 129- Nutrition Bite

"When natural sugar is refined and concentrated, the life force is dispersed and the natural balance upset. Refined sugar passes quickly into the bloodstream in large amounts, giving the stomach and pancreas a shock. An acid condition forms which consumes the body's minerals quickly. Thus, calcium is lost from the system, causing bone problems. The digestive system is weakened and food cannot be digested or assimilated properly. This leads to a blood-sugar imbalance and further craving for sugar."

Healing with Whole Foods by Paul Pitchford

Sugar Preacher's Experience
I ordered a slice of Pizza at Whole Foods today. After eating the pizza, my stomach felt sick. I'm not sure if it was the fat, grease, or sugar. However, I am becoming a food snob or really sensitive to unhealthy foods.

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Val said...

I can understand the "food snob attitude". Yet, I'm not sure that this is such a bad thing. That seems a little extreme with one slice of Whole Foods pizza. It goes to show that not all things at health food stores are heathy or worth the extra price. My point is eating to feel well and even preventing chonic disease is worth each ounce.