Monday, August 4, 2008

Day 127- Nutrition Bite

Here is a list of foods without high fructose corn syrup. This list may contain refined sugar but no high fructose corn syrup. Click on the link for a detailed list of foods without HFCS.


Brown Cow vanilla yogurt
Southern Home Nonfat Plain Yogurt
Dannon Plain Yogurt*
Mountain High Yogurt (it appears all varieties are HFCS free)
Dannon All Natural Vanilla Yogurt
Dannon All Natural Coffee Yogurt
Horizon Organic Fat Free Yogurt
Nancys Reduced Fat Plain
Nancy's Whole Milk Honey Yogurt
Stoneyfield Farm Yobaby Yogurt

Fruits and Vegetables - Canned
Motts Natural (No Sugar Added)Apple Sauce
Most no sugar added packed fruit --- please check labels

Granola Bars

Nature Valley Roasted Nut Crunch bars
Kashi Bars
Odwalla Bars

Sugar Preacher's Experience
You can find HFCS in most foods because corn is a subsidized commodity making it less expensive to process than sugar. Milling and chemically altering corn to form high-fructose corn syrup is also energy-intensive. I try to stay away from processed food. The more energy and chemicals involved in the process, the less nutritionaly value in the food.

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