Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Day 114- Nutrition Bite

Kaiser Permanente recruited 1700 participants and tracked their progress as they embarked on a weight loss journey. This moderate weight loss plan involved both exercise and a healthy diet. It turns out that the dieters who kept a daily food journal of every single thing they ate lost TWICE as much weight as those who did not.The fact that the food journalers lost more weight does not surprise me in the least. But losing twice the weight as the other dieters is amazing. Recording your food consumption keeps you accountable for your intake. The majority of Americans vastly underestimate the amount of food they actually consume. The proof is in the waistline. When you journal your food intake, you have a record in black and white. Hidden habits are uncovered, and nutritional missteps come to light.

Sugar Preacher's Experience
Writing about sugar on a daily basis has sure helped me! Yesterday, I was debating whether to buy Zone bars or Clif bars for my bike rides. The Clif bars were more expensive but healthier. At check out, I returned the Zone Bars to keep my integrity. If I had purchased the sports bars with sugar and high fructose syrup, I would have been obligated to blog about my lack of willpower. Food journaling or blogging is great! Give it a try!!

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