Monday, July 21, 2008

Day 113- Nutrition Bite

In 1958, Time magazine reported that a Harvard biochemist and his assistants had worked with myriads of mice for more than ten years to research how sugar causes dental cavities and how to prevent cavities. This research was supported by the Sugar Research Foundation, Inc., and the study did not discover a way to prevent sugar-causing dental decay. When the researchers reported the findings in the Dental Association Journal, the research funding ended. The Sugar Research Foundation withdrew its support. The more that the scientists disappointed the Foundation, the more the sugar pushers had to rely on advertisement and not research.

Sugar Preacher's Experience
I recently visited the dentist to have a few cavities filled. The dentist reported the decay was too insignificant and would not require any repair. I believe that you can actually reverse tooth decay when you reduce your sugar intake. One motivating factor for the sugar shun was my constant tooth decay. I haven't had any new decay since April. I guess something is working!!!

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