Monday, July 7, 2008

Day 99- Nutrition Bite

A mother has a five-year-old son, Lukas, who has never consumed refined sugar. She gives one tip--ignorance is bliss! This mother has good advice--don't let the child know what they are missing for as long as possible. Lukas won't crave what he hasn't tasted. Lukas has not eaten a donut, ice cream or candy. For now, as far as he knows, a donut may taste like his whole grain bagel, and ice cream may be no tastier than his fruit smoothie popsicle. However Lukas eats cookies, cakes, and popsicles like all other children his age, but his treats don't contain any refined sugar. Today there are several healthier sweeteners available other than refined sugar such as fruit juice, honey, molasses, agave, maple, stevia, etc. Click on article for more parental tips

Sugar Preacher's Experience
You don't know what you are missing if you have never tried it! I wonder if my parents had withheld refined sugars from me as a child, I would not crave desserts. July 3rd was my birthday, and I couldn't resist the birthday pistachio cannoli. I did eat a small amount of refined sugar in the cannoli but quickly passed it around the table. Today is the 99th day on my no refined sugar lifestyle, and I rarely crave desserts. However for a minute, I did crave my traditional carrot birthday cake with cream cheese frosting. If carrot cake hadn't been a birthday tradition, I wouldn't know what I was missing!

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Susan said...

Many years ago I lived in Hong Kong for a few years and I was very surprised that the Chinese had little interest in desserts. It wasn't part of their culture and they didn't miss it at all! It made me realize that our high sugar consumption is very much a cultural thing and we are paying the price with serious obesity and disease problems! Hats off to moms who don't feed it to their kids!