Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Day 94- Nutrition Bite

Low-income neighborhoods in New York City will see more fresh fruit and vegetables this summer with the "Green Carts" program. The Mayor's "Green Carts" program will be restricted to the city's low-income areas. The program will give people who lack access to healthier foods an alternative to hot dogs, soft pretzels and breakfast rolls normally available on the street. Currently, only 10 percent of the NYC's 4,100 street vendors - concentrated in Midtown - offer fresh produce. The Midtown vendors are saccessible to lunch crowds and more affluent New Yorkers.,0,6693063.story

Sugar Preacher's Experience
Availability is a key to eating healthy. If unhealthy food is available while visiting the homes of family members, I will usually eat it. The green carts are a great idea! While returning from the gym in NYC, I enjoyed purchasing fruits from the street vendors. The access and availability of the green carts makes it easy to eat fruits and veggies.

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Steph and Bran said...

Erin, HAPPY BIRTHDAY today!!! What a fun time to have a birthday, right by the 4th of July. There is so much fun stuff going on. I hope you have a great day today.