Saturday, July 26, 2008

Day 118- Nutrition Bite

Most brides are terrified of fitting into that dream wedding gown! The Wed Shed diet listed under the links on this site will help reduce the anxiety. By following the simple Wed Shed diet, you can drop at least one dress size. The stress and anxiety that most brides experience can be overwhelming and make it difficult to eat sensibly. The key is to start early!!

Sugar Preacher's Experience

I created the diet too late in the wedding planning process. My sister (right-hand corner) was too overwhelmed and stressed to follow the Wed Shed diet. She still looked great in her wedding dress!! The diet does require food preparation, thus the best solution is to cook twice a week and freeze or refrigerate your meals. During my busy school schedule, I cooked three dishes on the weekends and portioned them into containers. It was simple to pull the prepared food out of the refrigerator for the day. Cooking once a week or using a slow cooker is the best if you have limited time.

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